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Layne's butterweed

Left: Layne's butterweed;
below: Red Hills soaproot,
Bisbee Peak rush-rose

Rare plants, Pine Hill
Preserve, California

At top and side of page:
Pine Hill flannelbush,
El Dorado mule-ears,
also rare plants of
Pine Hill Preserve

Acrylics on
illustration board

Red Hills soaproot Bisbee Peak rush-rose
Pierson's milk-vetch, Astragalus magdalenae var. piersonii

Pierson's milk-vetch,
endangered species,
Imperial Sand Dunes,

Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers
in Adobe Illustrator
gradient mesh

Venus blazing-star

Venus blazing-star
in graphite pencil

Live oak
in graphite pencil

live oak


desert tortoise

Desert tortoise in acrylics

desert tortoise

Black bears with native food sources, in acrylics

tiger swallowtail butterfly

Tiger swallowtail butterfly in colored pencil

blacktailed jackrabbit

Black-tailed jackrabbit in graphite pencil

giant kangaroo rat

Giant kangaroo rat in pen and ink


backpacker backpacker pioneer woman

Well-prepared backpacker, hand and firewood: acrylics.
Pioneer woman, graphite pencil.


four obsidian points

Left: Four obsidian
biface fragments
in graphite pencil

Below: Chert blade
in colored pencil

Chert blade
1917 Model T Ford

1917 Model T Ford in acrylics

Topo map and compass

Topo map and compass reflecting showy penstemon, in acrylics

Binocular, penstemon, Rufous Hummingbird

Binocular, scarlet penstemon, Rufous Hummingbird, in acrylics


Aerial shell cut-away diagram

Cut-away diagram of a fireworks aerial shell, Adobe Illustrator

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