Captrap Main Page

Captrap is a program for displaying network data transfer information. Different sets of data (mostly graphs) are divided into separate 'views'. Each view can be set to show information about bytes or packets. To get started, try clicking the link for 'Basic Information' or 'Interval Graphs', below.

Static Page

This is a static page generated using data from 2024-05-26 23:00:00. Submit buttons are disabled.

Select Individual Views To Display

To select a single view, click the name of the view (to view bytes) or the 'P' (to view packets). To select a combination, click the corresponding checkboxes and click the submit button.

P Basic Information
P Interval Graphs
P Interval Graphs (up/down)
P Interval Graphs (bcast/bogey)
P Advanced Graphs
P Advanced Graphs (up/down)
P Advanced Graphs (bcast/bogey)

Choose item to be viewed.

Choose 0 or 1 to disable or enabled patterned bars (useful for the colorblind).

Specify current time (24-hour time, as "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss").

Submit button disabled in static mode.

Some Useful Combinations of Views

These can be manually selected above, but having a few presets is convenient.

Basic Information and Graphs of Totals

Basic Information and Graphs of Upload/Download Data

All Views (slow, but useful for debug)

Custom Graph Selection

Creating a custom 'mt' or 'mtpred' graph can be tricky; you may have an easier time modifying the parameters in the URL of an existing graph. For reference, see the list of parameters.

Choose graph type.

Choose item to be graphed.

Choose interval unit (as in "bytes per ---").

Choose start time (24-hour time, as "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss").

Choose end time (24-hour time, as "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss").

x Choose image width and height (in pixels; 800x600 default).

Select traffic states to view (check none to view total):

Comma-separated list of caps to display (one for each state).

Choose summing interval (only used by the 'mt' graph)

Choose summing unit (only used by the 'mt' graph)

List of "number:name" pairs for the 'mtpred' graph. Multiple pairs are separated by a ',' (example: '8689718561:last_hour,10038542471:last_day')

Choose data output format.

Submit button disabled in static mode.