Captrap is a set of Perl scripts designed to work with the pmacctd network traffic accounting daemon. Pmacctd logs traffic statistics to a MySQL database, and Captrap fetches those data and generates tables and graphs.

Captrap is intended for users in situations like these:

  1. A home user's ISP has imposed a monthly or daily cap.
  2. A web site administrator gets charged extra for traffic above a limit.

The graphs produced by Captrap can be useful for determining whether a cap will be overrun based on recent usage data.

For more information, see the README file.


Demo 1 is a set of pages and graphs for this server, updated by an hourly cron job. Demo 2 is from another system (with more exciting graphs) but is not updated regularly.


See the changelog for more detailed information about release changes.
You may examine the contents of the current Captrap package here.

--- current version ---
2016-09-06: Captrap 1.0.4
source tar.bz2: captrap-1.0.4.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-1.0.4_all.deb
This fixes a warning about CGI::Pretty being deprecated. CGI::Pretty is no longer used. This also fixes some experimental smartmatch errors.

--- old versions ---
2013-11-14: Captrap 1.0.3
source tar.bz2: captrap-1.0.3.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-1.0.3_all.deb
I'm not actively developing captrap any more, and the code looks old and clunky, but I still use it. This release makes captrap build and run on Debian Jessie (in its current state).

2010-12-27: Captrap 1.0.2
source tar.bz2: captrap-1.0.2.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-1.0.2_all.deb
This release fixes two bugs--the first bug prevented captrap_view from running, and the second bug prevented 'make install' from working unlesss 'make' was run first.

2010-01-28: Captrap 1.0.1
source tar.bz2: captrap-1.0.1.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-1.0.1_all.deb
Version 1.0.1 is a quick fix for a race condition I encountered right after releasing 1.0.0.

2010-01-27: Captrap 1.0.0
source tar.bz2: captrap-1.0.0.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-1.0.0_all.deb
Captrap is now feature-complete according to my original plans, so the time has come to declare it "1.0". Further improvements are likely to be incremental. This version supports SVG output, more use of color for those who can see them, and optional patterned-bar graphs for the colorblind. There are also several other improvements and bugfixes; see the changelog for details.

2009-01-03: Captrap 0.9.0
source tar.bz2: captrap-0.9.0.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-0.9.0_all.deb
0.9.0 has some bugfixes and some new features, including graphing of packet statistics and outputting of text and CSV tables. Man pages are now generated from POD markup in the source files.

2009-10-31: Captrap 0.8.2
source tar.bz2: captrap-0.8.2.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-0.8.2_all.deb
Captrap crashed on Halloween. This release fixes a date calculation bug.

2009-10-26: Captrap 0.8.1
source tar.bz2: captrap-0.8.1.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-0.8.1_all.deb
This release has a few minor documentation fixes (notably, better instructions for Debian Lenny). If you're already using Captrap 0.8.0 there's no need to upgrade.

2009-09-01: Captrap 0.8.0
source tar.bz2: captrap-0.8.0.tar.bz2
Debian package: captrap-0.8.0_all.deb
This is the first public release of Captrap, so there are likely to be bugs and incompatibilities. I'm only going to announce it to a few people, but search engine spiders will find this page eventually. If you've come here on your own, please test Captrap and give me feedback.


You can download the Captrap Git repository with the following command:

git clone git://


Captrap is developed on Debian Squeeze and tested on Debian Sid and Debian Lenny. Users of other operating systems may be able to use Captrap with varying success depending on how different the system is from Debian.

Please test Captrap and send me bug reports if it doesn't work for you. A patch and/or diagnosis of the problem would be most helpful.



Debian users should download and install the Debian package.

# dpkg -i captrap-0.8.0_all.deb
# apt-get -f install

Captrap depends on a package that doesn't exist on Debian Lenny. Lenny users should read the debian_lenny file for instructions.

After that, read the INSTALL document (either in /usr/share/doc/captrap/INSTALL.gz or here) for further configuration instructions.

Not Debian

Download the source tar.bz2 file and extract it. Read the README and INSTALL files.


CPAN (for modules Captrap needs)
pmacct (which logs data Captrap uses):
gnuplot (which generates Captrap's graphs):


Corey Hickey, bugfood-c [at] fatooh [dot] org

Captrap is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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